Horsetooth Mountain Rangers
Pickin' At The McNamara's House, May 25th, 2008

These songs have been posted online mostly for the benefit of those who were involved in playing music on this particular night; however, if you have stumbled upon this page, please feel free to listen to the music; I hope that you will enjoy it. Please keep in mind that this was a casual Bluegrass jam, and many of the songs that were played that night were songs that only one or two people knew, and other individuals may have been improvising. Thanks to Dave Czerniak for providing the recording equipment and for pressing the record button periodically. The device used to record this music is made by Zoom. Note: not all of the songs played on this occasion were recorded. Also, if you are not familiar with the "tar.gz" format, it is likely that you should choose to download the "zip" version.

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